Dreamlike wellness holiday
for body and soul


Just leave the outside world behind, and find new harmony for the bodymind and soul while you enjoy the luxury of living slowly ... Our pampering treatments are ideal for those who seek wellness both on the surface and deeper. Highly trained expert cosmeticians bring you the luxury of the fine line of Dr. Barbara Boos NaturCosmetic products.

We recommend that you secure your cosmetics appointments when booking your stay. Otherwise, your desired appointment time may not be available when you are ready to enjoy true luxury in our spa.

Our trained beauty experts can also advise you personally - tel.:  +39 0474 501034

Body wraps

"Body wraps"

€ 48,00

While you enjoy the weightless warmth and steam combination in the patented VITALIS bath, the natural active agents work their magic in your skin.

Choose among:

  • Alpine healing clay wrap
    warms and purifies the body
  • Arnica and St. John's wort oil wrap
    loosens muscles
  • Honey and almond-jojoba and calendula oil wrap
    cares for the skin
  • Cannabisoil
    regenerating the body

50 minutes with massage € 90,00
25 minutes € 48,00

Monte Sella Treatment Ceremony

€ 160,00

We will invite you into the herbal world and enchant you with this treatment ritual created just for our hotel. A harmonising, specially customised wellness ceremony awaits you in this unique atmosphere. The precious natural products intensively nourish and nurture your skin, while the aroma of the herbal symphony calms and harmonises.

The ceremony for her includes:

  • Footbath and neck massage
  • Marine salt full body peeling
  • A relaxing massage with integration of the energy points on the head
  • Facial treatment with packing

The ceremony for him includes:

  • Footbath and neck massage
  • Arnica and St. John's wort packing
  • A relaxing massage with integration of the energy points on the head
  • Foot massage

Simply Beautiful

€ 220,00

Enjoy our special treatments:

  • 1 x " Special" Facial Treatment or Mukabyanga
  • 1 x Natural soap lather Massage
  • 1 x Relaxing Foot reflexzone Massage or Padabyanga

Lenght of the individual treatments: ca. 50 min.

instead of € 247,00 package price € 220,00

Detox Package

€ 290,00

Enjoy our treatments:

  • 1x Udvartana 80 min.
  • 1x Abhyanga with floating lounger 80 min.
  • 1x Garshan 50 min.

We serve hot ginger & lemon water with the treatments

instead of € 325,00 package price € 290,00

"Happy Body"

€ 240,00

Enjoy our Ayurveda treatments:

  • 1 x Body scrub with caffè (50 minutes)
  • 1 x Bamboo massage "Strength and Grace" (80 minutes)
  • 1 x Relaxing foot reflex zone massage (50 minutes)

instead of € 267,00 package price € 240,00

Intensive - Back

€ 235,00

Enjoy our treatments:

  • 1x whole body wrap with arnica and St. John's wort + 25 min. massage
  • 1x Deep relaxing massage with warm lava stones and alpine moor mud pack
  • 1x Tibetan honey massage

Length of the individual treatments: ca. 50 min.

instead of € 260,00 package price € 235,00

Beauty treatments and massages

Special facial treatment

50 minutes

€ 90,00

Cleansing, Kneipp wash, natural peeling, packing, ampoules, face, neck, and décolleté massage.


50 minutes

€ 90,00

relaxing massage of the head, face and neck - refines the complexion


50 minutes

€ 45,00

Your "hand care" includes a soak, nail work and a subsequent hand massage.

50 minutes € 45,00


50 minutes

€ 55,00

Your "foot care" includes a soak, nail work and a subsequent foot massage.

50 minutes € 55,00

DEPILATIOn Sugar-honey-paste

15 minutes

€ 15,00

Professional hair removal

Up to the knee from 15 min. € 15,00
Full legs 30 minutes € 35,00
Upper lip or chin 15 min. (from) € 15,00
Bikini line or underarm 15 min. (from) € 20,00


50 minutes

€  85,00

Detoxifying full-body massage with peeling gloves, plus a skin treatment with Dr. Barbara Boos natural products. For skin like velvet!

Coffee oil peeling

25 minutes

€ 48,00

The peelings leave behind a purified, fresh skin feeling and prepare your skin perfectly for the massage.

50 minutes with massage € 85,00
25 minutes only peeling € 48,00

Body scrub with marine salt

25 minutes

€ 48,00

The peelings leave behind a purified, fresh skin feeling and prepare your skin perfectly for the massage.

50 minutes with massage € 85,00
25 minutes only peeling € 48,00


80 minutes

€ 115,00

Detoxifying powder massage


50 minutes

€ 85,00

The deep kneading massage with honey and a subsequent peeling for the back using natural oil round out this treatment.


50 minutes

€ 85,00

 Deep relaxing massage with warm lava stones and alpine moor mud pack.

"Strength and Grace"

50 minutes

€ 85,00

The bamboo massage is a supremely relaxing massage with bamboo canes, which combines the natural energy of the bamboo with an especially deep experience of relaxation. First of all the skin is prepared with warm oil. Individual body parts are effectively massaged by rubbing, rolling, pressing and tapping with the canes. Deeper-lying muscles are reached in this way. Localised areas of tension are relieved, the tissue is thoroughly simulated, the circulation is also powerfully stimulated and the skin is smoothed and firmed.

80 minutes stretching or face € 110,00
50 minutes of indulgence € 85,00


80 minutes

€ 110,00

The massage stimulates the blood circulation, relaxes the muscles and activates the self-healing powers of the body.


80 minutes

€ 125,00

Ayurveda: "the science of life"

An Ayurvedic massage performed with warm, precious botanical oils from head to foot. It has a detoxifying, calming effect and reinforces inner balance. Afterwards, the Soft Pack bath, provides warm and peace.


50 minutes

€ 85,00

Garshan silk glove massage with leg wrap: A revitalising treatment for the whole body. This very gentle, relaxing effleurage with silk gloves helps to stimulate and support the circulation of lymph. A cooling leg wrap follows the massage. Afterwards, your legs are decongested, purified and tautened.


25 minutes

€ 45,00

Feel the release

Classic massage grips in the back, shoulders, and neck relax the arms and legs and activate the musculature.

Partial massage - 25 min. € 45,00
Full body massage - 50 min. € 79,00


50 minutes

€ 72,00

 Activates and harmonises the whole body.


50 minutes

€ 72,00

 soothing and relaxing treatment in which the feet, legs and knees are gently massaged with nourishing oil - has a cleansing effect

Special Health Weeks

Alpine Ayurveda in South Tyrol

from 08.06. to 15.06.2024
from 14.09. to 21.09.2024

We have developed a unique Ayurveda regeneration week for your health and well-being, guiding you to new life energy and inner harmony.

from € 1.620,– p.p.

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Ayurveda Pancha Karma Light

from 08.06. to 18.06.2024

Lebenskraft und innerer Ruhe finden, abgestimmt auf unseren heimischen Nahrungsmitteln und alpinen Heilkräutern unter der Vollzeitbetreuung von der Dipl. Ayurveda Spezialistin Sandra Memmo.

from € 2.380,– p.p.

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Detox-week: Base fasting in the Dolomites

from 21.09. to 28.09.2024

Indulgent, gentle purification and deacidification. We offer a special alkaline fasting week in the peaceful and stylish surroundings of the Hotel Monte Sella in the heart of South Tyrol.

from € 1.400,– p.p.

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The secret behind medicinal plants


Available to order now: The accumulated knowledge of alternative practitioner and Ayurveda specialist Sandra Memmo and Anna Cristina Tolpeit has been condensed into book form. They share valuable ancient plant knowledge and insights into spagyric - an age-old holistic natural healing method - on more than 100 pages. This book is the perfect companion to the unique world of plants for anyone who has always wanted to know which plant bestows courage and assertiveness and supports progress in life. Find out about how herbs can enhance your health, beauty and happiness in life. Including many recipes and tips for ointments, syrups, natural cosmetics, health treatments and much more.

€ 45,– (plus delivery costs)

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