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Enjoy the warm hospitality

A warm welcome to you all here in the Hotel Monte Sella!

Genuine hospitality also means "guest friendship" in our hotel. Personally taking time for our guests and getting to know each other well is simply what we do. We feel that interesting conversation and a feeling of warm welcome with no strings attached are the ingredients for a perfect holiday.
The family Cristofolini are looking forward to welcome you at the Monte Sella Hotel in St. Vigil in South Tyrol!!

The Cristofolini Family

Welcome to Monte Sella, welcome to our retreat... we are enthusiastic about hospitality!

Monte Sella feels like a large country residence with many friends who you have invited. The ambiance is shaped through a cheerful atmosphere and by Norbert, Anna Cristina, Marta, and Paul Cristofolini as well as the staff. Courtesy and hospitality are our prime mandate with great cuisine a requirement.
Norbert Cristofolini is looking forward to welcome you at the Monte Sella Hotel in St. Vigil

Your host: Norbert Cristofolini

A landlord like a hand in a glove - that is Norbert Cristofolini.
Since he gladly took over ''Monte Sella'' in 1983, he has placed great value on personal contact with his guests. This has been expanded and deepened over the years. An elegant, familiar ambiance is very important to him, along with natural surroundings and a friendly relation with guests. As the contact person, he is responsible for all concerns. A healthy, regional cuisine using natural products is especially important to him.
Anna Christina is looking forward to welcome you at the Monte Sella Hotel in St. Vigil

Your host: Anna Cristina

Hotelier and natural beautician

My dream has been made possible with the Anna Cristina Monte Sella SPA. During my life, I have always occupied myself with beautiful things such as handicrafts and fashion design. Along the way, I arrived at Monte Sella and natural healing. I have completed different trainings in Ayurveda, natural cosmetics, and herbal lore (herbology). At the Monte Sella SPA, I combine the tried and true with the new. Extraordinary and uniquely-individual things are near and dear to me; therefore, we do not offer any kind of ''standard treatment''. With the help of experts, we have been able to create our own treatments and handmade products. Our focus is nature. My team and I look forward to your visit.