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Culinary delights in South Tyrol / Alto Adige

Fine cuisine with a creative flair - prepared for full flavour and health

Find out for yourself during holiday in South Tyrol just how great this combination tastes. Quality is something we take very seriously here at Monte Sella. Our head chef and his kitchen teamknows that quality starts with the selection of ingredients. We place the highest value on fresh ingredients produced in the region.

Many of the vegetables and herbs we use come right out of our own garden and are the foundation of our healthy and fresh cuisine. In the morning before you set off into the mountains, build up some power at the generous breakfast buffet with an organic corner, juice bar and vitamin-packed fair. Our sommelier serves suitable wines from the wine cellar to accompany the occasion.
Quality wines from our well-stocked wine cellar

The South Tyrolean wine

Exquisite wines, the perfect companion to the delightful cooking creations of our chef de cuisine, lay in a slumber in our well-assorted wine cellar. The climate as well as the soil in South Tyrol are outstanding for the cultivation of wine.


 Prepared for full flavour and health. 


 Cristofoletto Andrea surprises our guests every day with magnificent creations. 


 Regional products, seasonal procurement, and much imagination.